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Sauti Yetu means Our Voice in Swahili.

Our slogan is "Our Voice in Our Diversity for Dignity and Our Rights" 

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women (SYCAW) is a not for profit organization linking social justice activism with academic scholarship to promote and protect the rights of African women and girls. SYCAW began as The African Immigrant Program at RAINBO (Research, Action and Information Network for Bodily Integrity of Women) in 1995. In 2004, the program became an independent non-profit organization.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the transition of the African Immigrant Program at RAINBO into the newly independent organization, Sauti Yetu Center for African Women, Inc.

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women is an advocacy organization that works on women's rights within the global women's, human rights, and social justice movements. Our work and our programs have evolved in response to the evidence that women's rights, an empowered community, and access to integrated services are inextricably linked if we are to improve the lives of women and girls.


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